Monday, February 10, 2020

One Time Only!

Well this isn't facebook -- and I really don't expect to change anyone's mind......... 
BUT I do feel a need to get stuff off my chest.........

 The above cartoon came across my FB feed this morning.........a lot of editorial cartoons come up ever day....... some of them are very clever (like the one above) but I don't understand why so many Canadians are voicing their opinions of Trump.. honest I don't!  Do we really think we're gonna change anyone's mind?  Do we really think we should stick our noses into their political 'crisis'?  
Do we really believe (does anyone really believe) that opinions posted on FB are gonna change anything??!!  REALLY??!!

Let's take a look at the political situation a little closer to home..... like Ontario.

Our premier ran his platform on a promise of ' a buck a beer' ...... and he won!!  It boggles my mind....... when he was a teenager - he sold drugs out of the trunk of his car at a public park...... he dropped out of school in grade 10....  

The list of the horrific things he is doing to our province is so long I can't do it justice ... but things like giving his MP's a 14% increase in salary and denying teachers a 2% increase... cutting funds for health research... for our OPP (provincial police force) .. women's shelters... tech start up ... 

and his latest embarrassment on a trip to Washington he bad-mouthed Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment trials.... really??!!!  seems Mr Trump must be his idol.. and he needs to suck up??!!!

But honestly no matter how much these politicians make your blood boil is posting it on FB gonna change anything? I think not!  The only way to change the political situation is to 1) educate yourself !!!  dear god please learn everything you can about your local (or not so local) politician........ then 2) V O T E !

and lastly 3) pray that the pendulum swings back to the sanity side


  1. I don’t think anyone posts them expecting to change minds... I suppose people post them because it makes them feel clever, or simply because it inspires a feeling of belonging within their ideology.

    And they don’t change any minds... but there’s theories that they do actually impact how people vote. Probably more to do with how people unconsciously conform (or at times reject) their peer group than any real intellectual shift. I’m not sure there’s any actual research on it yet, but it’s something I’ve seen discussed, and at least some portion of memes are constructed and shared for the express purpose of weaponizing them to sway *groups* if not individual people. I mean, that’s not why your second cousin or your old childhood friend is sharing them, but there’s a decent chance that that’s how they stumbled on them in the first place.

  2. I knew I liked you!!! Can you say it again?? PLEASE!!! Especially those idiots that voted in our latest embarrassment (seriously....a drug dealer??????) disappointed in have a return to the same basic thing as Nazi Germany or more recently Afganistan....just educate starts with words and stupid policies and ends in war and oppression.

    Sorry....I generally don't get into politics online but I am appalled and scared of what we have going on.


  3. BRAVO!!!! hugs abby

  4. I post a lot of political things on my FB. Not to change minds at all but to gather those around me who are like minded and I can take strength from their presents and relax in their company. Sharing the fear of what might come help me deal with it. I can't change the minds of the haters. But I need to let the decent people know I'm here so we can be strong together.

  5. PK

    what I don't get are the Canadians getting all bent out of shape over Trump - it's none of our business so to speak. I will have empathy for my American friends -- but I don't want to be involved in the politics..

  6. Guilty as charged!! And it is because I CAN'T BE QUIET when I see WHAT he is doing - how he is ACTING, what he is SAYING... I just can't - I would burst! I am equally loud and obnoxious about our own Mini-Trump so it is not simply an anti-American bias -it's an ANTI-TRUMP bias (and anti-Ford bias)- and yes, it makes me feel a BIT better once I vent!

  7. LOL ohhhhhh selkie!! you do make me laugh -- I actually admire your convictions in everything you support... and maybe selkie it's more a 'anti stupidity' bias? hugs!!

    and I wasn't even thinking of you when I posted this ya know...

  8. Good on you speaking out Morningstar. I guess if enough people shared their views on social media...who knows.



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