Thursday, February 20, 2020

Oh fun!!!

I love a clean tidy house.... L O V E  I T!  but I hate cleaning it....... 

I also love schedules ...... so every Thursday is cleaning day.  This week I am disinfecting/sterilizing everything! The windows are open and I am hoping the germs will take the hint and leave .......if they don't maybe they will freeze?!

 I love how - once the house is cleaned - I sit back and admire my hard work... and watch the dust flecks dancing in the sunbeams before they settle back down and gently caress everything .......... 

Life is good when the dust flecks make sure you are not declared redundant 


  1. Morningstar,

    You know, if you like cleaning, I will offer up my house for you to clean. I mean, that's what friends do right? Encourage each other in what makes them happy and what they love? So come on by....


  2. @Boosghost - (packing up my cleaning supplies) on my way over.......


  3. OMG Morningstar, I could sooo have written this! OCD ya know lol. I often get teased by friends about bringing my polish over to their place lol


  4. Windows open in this weather? Ya gotta be kidding! But what a coincidence. I did a lot of cleaning yeaterday too.


  5. I've always been a horrible house keeper, all my friends (and I ) laughed about it. This was when I lived alone and when I had kids. But since I retired, I keep it clean. I have no idea why. I mean, don't come by with your white glove, but I'm not embarrassed when folks stop by.


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