Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Whips and Chains and Floggers - OH MY!

This Sunday's Brunch topic was floggers -- it's funny I haven't been reading the Sunday brunch recently -- mainly cause I have no new opinions to offer.  But for some reason this week I did read and did offer an opinion.

It all got me thinking about floggers and whips and paddles (oh my!) and my life before ..... before I got old?? before something for sure... It might be all the weight I lost about 4 years ago (70 pounds to be exact) all that extra padding may have elevated my pain tolerances..... I just know the few times Sir Steve (my Sadist)  played hard I wimped out.  Last summer I convinced him I didn't HAVE to have whips and floggers and paddles (oh my!) a hand spanking was perfect.  OH the sound of his belt coming off still turned me on -- but the bite of his belt not so much.  (colour me sad)

There are weeks I miss the pain sessions terribly.... I ache for them....... BUT realistically could I handle them?? Or was I just aching for something that no longer was what I actually needed???

This weekend I know I was hoping for some pain........ just to up the ante a bit on our sexy times..... he did spank my ass .... and drag his nails over my body (making me wish - even suggest - for some knife play).  This morning I was wondering if I should talk with Sir Steve about my need/desire for some pain play.  Nothing extreme - just a trial and error on what still turns me on..... what level of pain satisfies my need... OR just a nice long session with the knives........ I do know I can handle the knives and the sweet pain they bring............ 

The thought going round and round in my head -- what if Sir Steve has lost the desire to inflict pain?? It's not the same receiving pain from someone who's only doing it for you........ you can feel the loss of electricity.... (BIG sigh) 

Whips and Chains and Floggers - OH MY! - just a fond memory???

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  1. Hi Morningstar,

    There's only one way to find out, talk to Sir Steve. You never know, it could be on his mind too...wondering how you would feel about upping the ante.

    Our dynamic dropped away for some years. During that time one or other of us would bring up the subject to feel the other out as to re-introducing some aspects of play. The question was always how and where to start? I think the answer has to be slowly, feel you way back.

    I was conflicted about whether I wanted it back, could I handle it again and did I even want to? We slowly started playing again in recent months. Nowhere near the way we used to and I'm not sure I could handle that now.



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