Friday, February 07, 2020


I made it........ I wasn't sure I would ya know...... make it to Friday ..... but I did!!

This week involved taking the lil one to the doctor to follow up on her weight/sugar levels -- it also involved checking out her fever, cough and runny nose.  We got a thumbs up on the weight/sugar (don't have to go back for 6 months!) -- and a warning she was coming down with something (and of course now all the necessary questions about who she'd been in contact with - had she been out of the country etc etc ......... le sigh)

AND because of the teacher's strikes I had her home for 2 days -- I tried to teach her embroidery (Santa brought her a beginner's kit) ........... 

that didn't go as expected -- she couldn't thread the needle and I'm blind so I wasn't much help - and it took FOREVER to get the needle threaded (she broke the needle threading thingy on the first try) Add to that her not feeling 100% it was a bit of a bust.

Then yesterday I suggested she write her Valentine's cards -- that went well - except for the mess on her desk and my OCD kicking in ........ so her desk got cleaned and the cards did get done.

Then she has a science project due ............. well we weren't told when it's due (I hate not having a time line!!).  "State of Matters" - liquid solid and gas.  We worked on the pictures... the titles... and cutting coloured construction paper to size all ready for the final work at school.

It got packaged up and has gone to school with her today ...... the teacher can take it from here........ 

AND now it's Friday -- and a snow storm -- BUT the lil one has gone to school with her runny nose and mother will pick her up this afternoon -- which means I am FREE! until Monday afternoon.  (oh Monday and Tuesday are more strike days next week -- gahhhhhhhhhh !!! BUT I have the weekend to work on finding my sanity)

Life is good when every week ends with a FRIDAY!!


  1. Morningside,

    If you find your sanity, can you let me know where to look for mine?


  2. Hi Morningstar, I'm with Boo! Enjoy the weekend and down time. That is great news on the lol one's weight/sugar levels. Hope she recovers quickly. Sounds like you did an awesome job entertaining her and keeping her productive with the cards and school project.


  3. Good new on the little ones weight/sugar levels.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  4. Hi Morningstar,

    Lee Valley has anautomatic needle threader. I got one for Christmas and it's SO helpful, cuz I can't see the needle eye either.

    There are also needles that have a tiny slit at the top that you pull the thread down through, so they are self-threading. Try



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