Saturday, February 15, 2020

Phone Call

Just after lunch yesterday I got a phone call from Sir Steve -- he had just heard from the school.  Apparently some child had 'made a death threat' against the lil one.
I think some of the language used by educators can be a little alarmist -- after all - we are talking 7 year olds here... 'death threat'??!!  I think I would have used the word "inappropriate statements"....... but (shrug) that's me.

In the few minutes that Sir Steve and I talked a mess of thoughts ran through my head... .the most nagging one was 'she is going to her Mother's and we won't see her till Tuesday dinner time'....... that wouldn't work - not in my head.  If the lil one wanted to talk about this incident - even if she didn't - some 'checking in' needed to be done - and if Mother couldn't figure out what to give her for a fever (so gave nothing) last weekend... then she sure as hell wouldn't figure out how to 'check in' with her daughter.

So I suggested to Sir Steve that I take a quick run over to the school and check in with the lil one before she left with Mother.  The school wasn't really surprised to see me and immediately took me to find the lil one.  The Principal did assure me that the other child had been suspended (not something I was stressing over) and that the lil one hadn't cried with her so she was fine.  (not the best way to assess how a child is reacting)  

When the lil one saw me I think she thought she was in trouble - after I assured her she wasn't in trouble that I just needed an extra hug.... and to talk with her for a minute she was fine.  I asked her what happened and she told me ' a kid said he would stab a knife into my head '......... warning bells went off immediately.  You see the lil one always - ALWAYS - refers to kids in her class as her "friends"..... never in 3 years have I heard her call anyone a "kid".  I talked to her quietly about how sad it was that this 'kid' had so much anger inside of him........ I said I thought all that anger had just bubbled over onto her......... she was so serious while I talked -- I asked if she 'got it' about the anger bubbling over and she nodded and said yeah she got it - it was like the lil guy last year who had bullied her -- he had been sad inside ........ I said yeah almost the same ........ emotions sometimes just bubble over.

We had a big hug......... and she went off to get dressed to go home.  I watched as one child after another came over to her and hugged her.... it made my heart glad......... there are lots of caring kids out there....... and I knew she would be ok.

Anyone who thinks that teaching is an easy job....... or that teachers are bitching for nothing (during this work action we have here) .......... they really should spend a day in a classroom.......... there are just so many sad angry children.

Life is good when you can hug a kid and know they're gonna be alright.


  1. She's so luck to have you and Sir Steve. She will be fine. I always thought that principals, superintendents and school board members should have to sub a full week in elementary, middle and hight school once a year. And that would only give them an inkling of what's involved.

  2. Oh gosh Morningstar, how awful, poor girl. It really is so sad that such young ones can have such emotion and anger in them. I love that the other kids each gave lil one a hug. She has real friends and support.

    I also agree, she is very lucky to have you and Sir Steve.



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