Wednesday, February 19, 2020


I know the news is full of the Covid virus...... but honestly we have the plague in this house !!

It started in October with all of us coming down with a cold...... my cold stretched into November and morphed into bronchitis.... worse bug EVER!!  by Christmas we were all on the mend - with just a hang on cough.

By the end of January the lil one brought home another cough......that cough is still hacking through the halls......... 

Monday Sir Steve started coughing....... it got worse and  worse - he barely slept for the coughing....... yesterday he came home looking like death warmed over (only I think death would look better) ........ 

The medicine cupboard looks like a pharmacy........ I feel like we should quarantine the house for 14 days........ it's time for these bugs to take their leave - at least from our house. 


  1. That sucks Morningstar, you definitely need to get rid of the sick! Hope everyone feels better quickly and stays that way for some time!


  2. OH yuck. That sounds horrible. Maybe you SHOULD just all stay home for a whole week and sleep and sleep and sleep.

    Having a lingering cough is the worst!

    Sending get-well hugs your way.


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