Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Moral of the Story is........

There is a metal box that sits across the street from us.  Originally it's purpose was to cover the phone wires that are in the ground........ BUT the first week I was here it got knocked over....... I called the phone company and they eventually showed up.  The technician had a metal rod that he pushed into the ground.... then he duct taped the box to the metal rod.  

That metal rod became the neighbourhood kids' excalibur..... and eventually one day the rod was pulled out of the ground and away from the metal box.  Then the poor lil metal box teetered whenever someone would brush past it.  Some days it lost the fight to remain upright and would be found lying on it's side.... but it always seemed to right itself.

In the winter months it would be buried in snow.... in the spring it would swim in the puddles ... in the summer it would bask in the heat.   BUT it was always there - right across the street standing guard on the neighbourhood.  Three years of winter storms..... spring puddles..... and summer heat.

And here we are in winter again -- and the lil metal box has been buried in snow for the last few months.  Then on Monday night the city came by and cleared the snow banks from the side of the road to allow for the storm that is arriving today.  On Tuesday morning when I looked outside the lil box had been moved about 10 feet down the boulevard and was lying on it's side looking pretty bashed up.  (you try doing battle with a city plow!!) A day later it was back in it's spot - across the road from us - standing proudly upright again.... dented and battered but nevertheless standing!

There is a moral to this story ... I'm just not sure what it is.......... 


Life is good when the lil metal box survives.........


  1. I always feel bad for those poor metal boxes. The abuse they endure!

    However, the moral I take from your blog is no matter how much abuse, how many times I get pushed down, I will ALWAYS stand back up and try again.


  2. Love this story Morningstar, the lil box that could:) The moral of the story...resilience:)


  3. LOL - all I could think of was that Ikea ad where they showed the lamp out for garbage, then being "rescued" by a little girl and her mother and being fixed up and reused and the guy (in his Swedish accent) saying -you felt sorry for that lamp but it's not alive, it's a metal lamp! LOL


  5. LOL so true selkie -- and it is just a metal box -- but I wonder who keeps picking it up and sorting it out.... that is what makes me smile... the quiet invisible champion of that lil metal box


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