Thursday, February 13, 2020

Galentine's Day

Today we celebrate our girlfriends.... so help yourself from the sweet table and then sit back and enjoy .......... 

This picture reminds me of my youngest daughter and her 'sister by another mother' friend... inseparable... sharing laughter and secrets and dreams.... I always envied her that kind of friendship. 

I'm lucky enough to say I have a couple of friends that 'know' me - all of me - and they didn't run screaming (grinning)

I count myself very lucky that over the last couple of summers I have found a friend who is part of 'my tribe' 

How long?

And lastly............ 


  1. Happy Galentines Day Morningstar! Thank you for the sweet treats. What a lovely post. Love the quotes, especially the last two :)


  2. Happy Galentines Day Morningstar!

    I LOVE the last photo! It took me 40 plus years, but I am there now!!


  3. I've never wished anyone a happy Galentine's Day before, but I do so with you, Morning Star! And the best treats are here... no calories either! Glad you have some really good friends. You deserve them. Hugs, Windy

  4. Happy belated Galentine's day! Apparently one of my ex students has heard of it too!

    thank you for telling me about it.


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