Friday, December 22, 2017

Cookies and more cookies

It's Friday -- I have spent the whole week baking cookies -- and decorating cookies - and packing cookies........ if I never see another cookie again it will be too soon (well until my cookie monsters polish these off)

I baked 

Chocolate Crinkle cookies

Raspberry Almond cookies

Gingerbread boys -- it's not Christmas without Gingerbread boys!

and the family traditional Christmas Sandwich cookies..... 

Last night I realized I had not bought the ingredients for cole slaw -- or the Brie for baked Brie -- for Christmas Eve supper at youngest daughters.  So I have to venture out today and fight the madding crowds and pick up the last few things.... AND then come home and bake my butterscotch and peanut butter squares (which I kinda forgot about too)

But it's all worth it when I see the look on Sir Steve's face as he samples each new batch -- when the lil one saw the gingerbread boys yesterday she exclaimed "They're AWESOME!! "  Yup it's worth the hours in the kitchen and the sore back .... definitely worth it.

Life is good when you feel appreciated and loved !!


  1. Those look awesome! It IS always great to be appreciated. I'm sure they taste great too! Have a happy Christmas and wonderful new year!

  2. Oh those raspberry almond! I am a sucker for any fruity or jelly cookies. They look delicious, great job!


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