Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Magical - Totally Magical

What a magical Christmas it was !!  From start to finish.......... 

The start was Christmas Eve when we had our traditional family dinner cooked and packed up and trekked down to youngest daughter's complete with games and loads of presents...........

Sir Steve had dinner with us and then went off to pick up the lil one.........and it worked out perfectly !  I couldn't have planned it better -- dinner at 5 -- dessert and games lasted almost right up to the time that Sir Steve returned with the lil one for the opening of presents.

The lil one was spoiled rotten with a Barbie doll complete with "shoes and more shoes!" and books and unicorn slipper socks!!

Into bed by just after 9 and slept through till 7 when it was time for Santa's gifts and the other family gifts.  The lil one was so very delighted with her BIG bed from Daddy and the bed in a bag from Santa -- Shimmer and Shine and lego and more books and dresses and pjs and ...and... and... more than she even thought of........

Sir Steve and I just sat snuggled up watching the magic of it all unfold through her eyes ......... 

The rest of the family arrived late on Christmas Day for turkey dinner and another round of gifts.  The lil one (much to my surprise) got more presents from the far distant nothing-to-do-with-me family.

and -- psssst -- wanna know what Sir Steve gave me?  huh? huh? do ya??? He gave me a lotus flower ring........... it is SO very me !!  

 We came home yesterday and the lil one got to see her big bed for the first time --

 and after the sheets and bedding were washed she and I and Daddy pulled the bed together.......

It was as close to a Norman Rockwell picture perfect Christmas as anyone could get -- even I was calm and didn't stress over anything -- including the personalities that were there.  (and that was a Christmas miracle!!)


  1. I am so pleased everything went well. The bed looks great. Loving the ring xx

  2. Morningstar - I am so happy you had a wonderful Christmas. Loved your pictures, thank you.


  3. It all sounds so perfect. I'm glad it was a happy holiday for you all!

  4. what a beautiful ring! glad it was a good holiday!


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