Friday, December 15, 2017

Too Old???

We went to the lil one's Winter Wonderland last evening.  Got there at 5 (when it opened) and got the very last parking space!!  The school was packed.  Every classroom had some organised fun Christmas activity... from gingerbread houses to paper Christmas trees, reindeer cookies, snowman faces, candy cane reindeers and so much more!!  There was a shopping room for the lil ones to buy presents for family and friends (no parents allowed in) and it was run by donation only.  The lil one had such fun shopping for Daddy and Mommy and Sheila (I felt very special!!) 

Then Sir Steve and the lil one lined up for face painting...... took 20 minutes but she was thrilled.  We spent an hour and a half at the Winter Wonderland.. and still didn't do it all -- but the rooms were closing down as the event ended in 30 minutes and they had had a much bigger attendance than last year....... We wearily made our way out to the car and came home for a quick supper of hot dogs.

When all was quiet - lil one tucked into bed, the animals curled up snoring.... I told Sir Steve that I was getting TOO old for this much Christmas excitement !!  well at least two nights back to back ........ 

I awoke alone in the bed this morning -- Sir Steve was on the sofa -- OMG!!  I figured I had been restless -- or slapped him silly again (I do that from time to time) but it turns out Sir Steve is coming down with a cold -- or mystery bug.  I am not that surprised.  He has been working outside for the last two days (in sub zero temps) .... fingers crossed he'll be able to come home early and nap.

I wrapped up the last of the Christmas presents this morning and hid them away. 
And now I intend to binge watch some Netflix and rest...... we're down to one week till Christmas and I know how busy it's gonna be next week -- and can only imagine the excitement the lil one will be exuding....... 

Christmas is coming -- with magic galore -- and that is a very good thing !

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  1. Anonymous9:41 am

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