Monday, December 18, 2017


Nothing very Christmasy happened this weekend -- nothing at all BDSMy happened this weekend -- then it was a little unnerving when I realized yesterday there were exactly 7 days till Christmas.

We spent the weekend just doing routine chores -- we did have lunch out on Saturday -- but that was the high point to the weekend. 

Poor Sir Steve has some mystery bug that involves a choking cough that starts around 10pm and goes till about 2:00am.  So he has been flip flopping between stretching out on the sofa and trying to sleep in the bed.  Broken sleep makes for a quiet Sir Steve (see my sad face?)

I had originally scheduled this week to be a baking week -- chocolate krinkle cookies -- sandwich cookies - almond thumb print cookies - gingerbread cookies - and chocolate peanut butter squares.  BUT I never got around to getting my hair cut last week -- so that HAS to be done this week.  This morning our toaster gave up the ghost so I need to run out and find one (a cheap one thank you very much!!) and of course all the regular chores like laundry.

So this weekend was truly the calm before the storm of activity -- 6 days to get everything done for Christmas !!

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