Saturday, December 02, 2017

Christmas Adventure #2

Last night we went on our Christmas Adventure #2.

We started off having dinner at every 5 year old's gourmet restaurant - McDonald's (grinning) and then headed off to Upper Canada Village (a restored pioneer village) to see their Alight at Night.

I have never been and was really looking forward to it -- despite the no snow (I think it would have all been just a little more magical and Christmasy if there had been some snow) and despite it only being 24 hours after my cancer procedures.

We started off at the station and rode the Christmas train............ 

which was dark and VERY cold....but when you're 5 it's magical and exciting and fun.

We stopped at the church where they had a carol sing -- led by a very talented young singer......... 

BUT that didn't hold much interest for the lil one so we moved on to the children's section of bouncy castles and giant slides and igloos.

We wandered around a bit taking in all the lights and decorations -- and landed up at the Victorian Christmas House -- where St Nicholas was waiting to greet all the children.  Our lil one was hesitant because it was NOT Santa Claus -- but we explained that this Santa was just wearing a different coat -- and he "ho ho'd" just like the regular Santa Claus. We finally coaxed her to sit beside him so I could grab a quick picture.  

We do have to work on the answer to the question Santa always asks "What do you want for Christmas?" the lil one has no idea what she wants ..... (me thinks she will be thrilled with whatever she gets then!!)

Then we headed back out to view more lights and houses.  It was around this point that I really REALLY needed a washroom.  Trust me when I say the 'sloughing off' of dead cells is best done at home not in a public bathroom !!  At that point I really just wanted to crawl into a warm car and come home...... but we still had more houses and lights to see....... 

We all made it through the rest of the Adventure and declared the night an absolute success!!


  1. Oh very nice, she is lucky to be with you and Steve.
    love Jan, xx

  2. what pretty pictures - and I'm glad the young'un had her train ride! I wish i had those when i was little.


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