Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Light Bulb Moment

I had a light bulb moment the other day..... in the midst of the nonsense about Christmas.  I was sitting on the sofa -- Sir Steve sitting in his chair.  We weren't talking and my stomach was in knots and my heart was pounding.

Suddenly what I wanted more than anything was for him to make love to me.

A short time later we were walking past each other and just kinda fell into a tight hug... and Sir Steve kissed me - passionately -- and I said "tonite make love to me -- please?"  And he nodded and said 'it's exactly what I was thinking and what we need".

I realized that we both react to stressful situations in the exact same way -- we shut up........... and scowl.  It had felt like we were mad at each other -- BUT we weren't!!  We were pissed at the situation -- and the sh*t we have to deal with all the time... but not at each other.

We made sweet love and stroked and held each other .... and whispered in the dark wrapped in each other's arms.

Yesterday I sent emails to both my girls and their spouses -- and made a suggestion that would allow most of my dreams for a magical Christmas Eve to come true.  Just a little pinch here and a tuck there -- et voila it's all going to work!!

Life is good when you work things through together -- 
Life is best when you make sweet love together !


  1. OH what a lovely post. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I suppose both of your shutting up and scowling doesn't make for a very warm atmosphere. Good that you both also feel the same way about how to remedy the situation!

  2. Glad things are on the up and up!


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