Wednesday, December 20, 2017

5 days and counting

I'm down to 5 days till we leave for Christmas -- until Christmas actually!

I have been baking this week -- 4 batches of about 4 dozen cookies in each batch, all done!  I am waiting for the 4th batch to cool so I can glaze them........ I have laundry going .... and I have a headache...... a BIG headache.

It has to be gone before the lil one comes back from school -- she needs to wrap up a couple of Christmas presents -- sort out the ones she bought at Winter Wonderland -- and a couple more Christmas cards to make -- all under my watchful eye.  This headache really has to be gone!!  I don't DO headaches -- I especially don't do them this close to Christmas!!

I have taken a handful of Tylenol........ and am gonna lay down for a bit while the laundry washes and the cookies cool............ 

Thought a little Christmas 'funny' might be a nice addition to today's blog....... 



  1. I made some butter cookies and will have a day of chocolate bark ahead of me later. Saturday is cake day and then i shall start fretting about Christmas eve dinner on Christmas eve. Its a good thing u managed a quick lie-down! Hope u have a blissful Christmas!

  2. I've still got a yule log to make but leaving that until Saturday. Hope you get rid of that headache.

    Wishing you, Sir Steve and lil one a wonderful Christmas.



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