Friday, December 08, 2017

No Grinches Allowed

When I was little Christmas was the best time of the year.  My father (and mother) made it a very special holiday.  It was the one time of the year that my father let his hair down a little bit -- he was warm and snuggly and funny.  I loved that part of my father ...... Christmas was his favourite time of the year...... and he epitomized the magic of the season.  

I can remember (and I know I have told this story before) one night just before Christmas .... having finished the dinner dishes ... I went looking for my father and my eldest daughter who was maybe 4?  They were lying under the Christmas tree (and I do mean UNDER) and he was pointing out the Christmas fairies dancing in the tree.  You see the tinsel would move gently with the air currents and he was spinning a wonderful story about the fairies dancing in the tree.  To this day I can't look at a tree with silver dangly tinsel without seeing Christmas fairies dancing in the branches.

For all my adult life -- my husband and then partners -- were Grinches.  They hated Christmas.  I would be excited all by myself.  I would dream up my own Christmas magic ... and hold the joy of the season to myself -- not sharing with deaf ears -- finding my own happiness -- alone.

I remember when Sir Steve and I were first talkng - negotiating?? -- whatever you want to call it.... I asked him "Do you like Christmas or are you a GRINCH???"  (see I had made my mind up ... that Christmas was too important to me to saddle myself with yet another Grinch)

He said "I used to love Christmas -- but not so much in the last few years" ...... I declared we will find your Christmas Spirit again -- and we will have a magical Christmas.  

He has been super about finding Christmas adventures to take the lil one on... from the lighting of the City's Christmas tree - to going to Alight at Night ..... and helping decorate the house... and actually buying presents for the lil one BEFORE the 24th!!  He / we are going to take the lil one to Winter Wonderland at her school next week -- and he is taking me back to my old school -- the one I taught in for 20+ years tomorrow for their Christmas Craft Sale. 

BUT the best part of it all -- last night he said to me... as we were standing out on the front deck quietly in the dark of the night - with the cold winter winds caressing our cheeks -- that it was exactly 2 1/2 weeks till Christmas..... I didn't even realize that!!  -- and he sounded happy about it..... 

Christmas Magic is back in my life -- shared Christmas Magic -- and that is a VERY good thing ! 

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