Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Make Over

We have a busy day today -- we are 'making over' the lil one's bedroom.  She has been in a Jake's pirate bed .. a great toddler's bed 

but she's a BIG girl now and wanted / needed a big girl's bed.   We suggested she ask Santa for a big girl's bed and a new comforter and accessories.  Sir Steve bought her a sweet captain's bed with shelves and drawers (to increase the storage space in her room)

AND Santa is bringing her her new pink and purple butterfly comforter....... (plus a pile of other toys she wants -- she's gonna be one spoiled lil one)

We are transforming the room today -- so when she comes home on the 26th her new bedroom will be ready!  Honestly I can't wait to see her face....... she has grown up so much since September!  I know she will be delighted...... and I feel so lucky to be included in the transition!

And during or after the bedroom make over I will be preparing the food to take to youngest daughter's tomorrow where I will do our traditional Christmas Eve supper.  The lil one will miss the dinner and the games (cause she's at her mom's) but she'll be back in time to open some gifts with the family .......... (can you tell I will miss her?!)

We will be away till after Christmas -- but for those of you who will find time to wander around blogland -- I have posts ready to go up ..............

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