Thursday, December 28, 2017

Early O'clock

It's early o'clock -- the world is sleeping under a blanket of frozen -- it's more than cold here -- they say it's a Polar Vortex -- whatever the hell that means -- to me it is bloody cold.   And the world sleeps on ......... 

but sleep evades me -- too many voices nattering in my head -- mostly good voices -- mostly loving voices -- mostly grateful voices.  So much to be grateful for...... a Christmas to remember -- a man who loves me -- a child who has opened her world to me and shares the  wonders of imagination....... a settled life (some might say routine/boring -- I say mostly drama free -- definitely loving -- definitely supportive -- definitely healing -- and I needed that !!)

The world is sleeping and quiet and I am sitting here basking in the knowledge that I am accepted as I am -- for who I am -- and am loved because of it -- or maybe despite of it.  
And that is a very good thing!

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  1. Compliments of the season. Drama-free is under-rated. It's good that you had some quiet time to think about things. May your new year be awesome!


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