Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Too Close

The magic of Christmas is found in the wonder of a small child -- and that magic can re-awaken the joy of Christmas in the older folks.  

Thanks to the lil one I had found the magic of Christmas again -- like when I was little -- like when my girls were little -- and to some extent... like when I was teaching all my lil ones.


we share custody and I had sorta forgotten that.  Well not really -- but mother has the lil one from Friday till Sunday afternoon every weekend (at least when she's home)  
The mother and her family celebrate Christmas on the 24th (that is the Sunday this year) ...... I figured ... I planned.. I counted on us having her late in the afternoon of the 24th and was excited to have her with us at my youngest daughter's with all the children.  I do Christmas Eve dinner and 'entertainment'.  I planned a fun game for all ages.. I had visions of reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to them all..... My eldest daughter was excited to be around when the lil one opened her gifts on Christmas Eve (eldest daughter is only going to be there on the 24th -- and has absolutely SPOILED the lil one this year -- I think she found some Christmas magic in her heart too )

the mother threw a fit ......... not only does she want the lil one till late evening on the 24th she wants to pick her up around noon on the 25th........ AND she called Sir Steve controlling and manipulative because he wouldn't agree to all of it.  (He did agree to Christmas eve till 7:00 but that's it!!)

and in an instant - POOF - there went my Christmas magic.
I have cried a river.

Once a very long time ago -- I was considering taking in foster children.  I was advised not to.. I was not a good candidate because I get too close to 'my' children.  I never believed them till now.  I DO get too close to my lil ones -- all of my lil ones.  And it hurts...... physically hurts ya know.

And that is not a good thing...........


  1. I'm so sorry you and your Sir have to deal with this horrible woman - but thank GOD she has you and her dad to provide stability and unconditional love. I can imagine how disappointing this is- but you have already given her MORE of the Christmas magic than she has EVER experienced - continue to enjoy the magic a small child brings up until (and after) Christmas - don't let that witch ruin things for you. I think with a twisted person like that, you have to accept there will always be these bumps... just go with the flow and pass over them.

  2. I think Selkie hit the nail on the head. You've got this Christmas spirit down! You keep your priorties straight and focus on the good. Don't let that meany rent space in your brain and heart.

  3. Oh dear, poor little girl. I used to teach dance and I remember one of my girls being parcelled about all over Christmas, she hated it and you have to wait a few more years before she can have her say and stay with you. So sorry this has put a blight on it for you all.
    love Jan, xx


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