Monday, December 04, 2017

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

We had such an amazing weekend!  Saturday we headed to Montreal for the youngest grandson's birthday party.  The lil one loves (and I mean LOVES) our family parties.... they're noisy and full of kids and playing.  

On Sunday I had promised we would decorate the house for Christmas.  Sir Steve and I talked about it.... she has never ever decorated the house.  My heart hurt - ya know? My kids decorated from the time they could walk ..... to think the lil one had never experienced the joy of decorating......... well it boggled my mind.

We got all the decorations out -- and I had decided our theme would be snow ... snowflakes .. snow balls.. snow men -- everything SNOW.  BUT there were some timeless decorations I had to have out -- the sleighs (which the lil one filled with empty gift wrapped boxes......... 

my Santas (which the lil one lovingly placed on the table under my watchful OCD eye)

and these Christmas houses (the big village that I made has been passed on to eldest daughter)

Then the tree............ 

Sir Steve got to separate all the little metal hooks that magically knot themselves into balls ...... I hung them on the snowflakes and snowflake balls and the lil one put them on the tree.... she did an amazing job with Sir Steve doing some directing and the use of the bathroom stool..........  

One small smile -- 
while we were decorating we had Christmas music playing... Feliz Navidad came on.  The lil one was singing her heart out -- "Feliz Navi DUCK..... Feliz Navi DUCK" which is now our family theme song. 

I wanted to share a picture of the lil one decorating -- but I rarely if ever put up pictures of the children in my life..... but this one is safe -- and gives you all a little idea of how damn cute she is!  Someone on facebook called her a "little munchkin" and that she is !!

It hasn't been a hardship having her with us for these two weeks -- not at all -- I'm almost sorry she'll be back to visiting her mom next weekend -- we've had so much fun!!


  1. oh she looks and sounds adorable. and those christmas houses are gorgeous!

  2. So wonderful that's the lil one got to do some decorating. Love your Christmas tree and decorations. Christmas hasn't come to our house yet.


  3. Oh bless her, what a lovely Christmas she will have with you.
    love Jan, xx

  4. Our youngest came in from school one day singing, "Maurice La di da". It has been our family Christmas song ever since. Enjoy the holidays- they are so much more fun with little people!

  5. Anonymous8:20 pm

    You are a softie, morningstar! But it's no wonder you can't resist her--she is a cutie.


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