Thursday, December 14, 2017

Back on Track

The Christmas Train is back on track !!

Yesterday Sir Steve hoped to get home from work early and we would all go to see Santa and get the lil one's picture taken.  He didn't tell the lil one - wanting to surprise her and because with his work there's never any guarantee that he will be able to finish on time.

So when the lil one got home from school I asked if she wanted to play 'hair dresser' and we could practice curling her hair for Christmas.  She loved the idea -- any game that involves "let's pretend" is a favourite!! So while she watched her afternoon TV show and ate her snack I brought out the curling iron and curled the waist long hair.
Actually I was surprised how well it worked ....... and she LOVED the curls.

Daddy didn't make it home early -- but when he did get home he said "let's go".  I thought the lil one was gonna jump out of her skin she was SO excited!  She put on her red Christmas dress and white tights and we put a green ribbon in the freshly curled hair.  (even I thought she looked pretty damn cute)

Oh the magic of a little girl standing in line watching Santa talk to other girls and boys!!  She bounced -- she actually bounced and vibrated.  And when it was her turn to see Santa he said something about her dress and asked her if she would spin for him.... and spin she did!!  Then she snuggled up on his lap and told him she wanted a big bed for Christmas and a new big comforter and Shimmer and Shine and books!  Santa told her (so we were informed) that he had a magic ball that let him watch all the children and check on their behaviours ...... and she was mesmerized! 

The photographer got a good pic of them snuggling...... 

Then we went to MacDonalds for a special treat...... 

And then home to bed.  I'm not sure who was more excited - the lil one or me!

Tonite we are off to Winter Wonderland at the lil one's school where she will get to shop for presents for her family -- do crafts -- have hot chocolate and god only knows what else!  (it's my first time)



  1. oh so nice....
    love Jan, xx

  2. Truly sounds like a successful outing! Hope everyone has fun tonight as well!

  3. oh that sounded so exciting now *I* want to go and spin around in a pretty dress for santa! lol


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