Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Magic.....

We had 'Christmas snow' last night -- pretty soft flakes floating down covering my world in white..... and it made my heart sing.  

I wrapped 'Santa' gifts yesterday -- taking every precaution to make them different from the mounds of other gifts...... special wrapping paper .. different gift tags -- right down to hand printing the tags so that my distinctive hand writing wouldn't be recognized.   

I realized I was smiling ...... for no reason other than the pretty packages and imagining the looks on the lil one's face when she sees them -- imagining Sir Steve's look when he sees the surprises..... imagining my own children's faces/happiness.  Being with family -- seeing the looks on their faces -- hearing their laughter -- feeling the hugs and kisses -- all so magical and special.

This year wrapping gifts wasn't a chore -- a task to complete in time -- it was fun -- it was Christmasy -- it was magical.  That's what happens when you are lucky enough to be sharing your life with someone you love -- with someone who loves you back - muchly!

AND -- I couldn't forget the smallest members of our family -- there are gifts for Lady the dog and Missy the cat....... and dear god!  I even bought Christmas 'outfits' for them.  Lady was thrilled to play the dress up game..... right down to the reindeer ears... Missy is used to getting dressed up for Christmas and she treated the whole experience with the same disdain she always has....... 

BUT it wasn't for long -- just long enough for me to take a couple of pictures (for posterity)  just so they were included in the holiday spirit............ 

Lady posing (actually waiting for the treat I had in my hand ) 

And Missy being as disdainful as always (she has NO interest in treats)

Life is good when the magic is real......... 

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