Thursday, December 21, 2017

Favourite Story

My absolute favourite Christmas story is 'The Grinch' ....... the message blatantly hits you over the head...... Christmas is NOT about things -- but about the people in your life -- about the love

For me the most joyous part of the holiday season is decorating with magic -- twinkling lights -- bits of red among the green -- soft jingling bells -- baking treats (no matter how bitchy it can make me from time to time - grinning) 

It's about trying so very hard to make the season special for the one I love -- and my memories on that score aren't so bright and merry.  My memories are whiny crabby 'scrooges' who "bah humbugged" their way through the 4 weeks of advent....complaining they never got what they wanted.  Some thought they were being 'funny; -- they didn't see how much they were hurting me -- and all the glittery gifts for me on the 25th couldn't make up for the hurt caused during the 4 weeks leading up to that one day!  

The years I was alone -- believe it or not -- were my best Christmases.  I could sit in the dark and lose myself in the sparkling lights on the tree.... let the soothing scents of Christmas candles refresh my soul -- I could wrap myself up in a snuggly blanket and rejoice in the joys of the season....... with no one 'bah humbugging' 

This year I didn't know what to expect to be honest.  Sir Steve openly admitted Christmas hadn't been his favourite holiday for a long time. But I didn't need to worry -- not once have I heard Sir Steve say "bah humbug" or even act "bah humbug".  He has happily found umpteen seasonal activities for us all the way through the month of December..... he has turned to me so many times I have lost count and said "This is gonna be such an amazing Christmas"......... and on the days he comes home from work and I am pooped -- after dinner he has told me to go and sit down he would clean up from dinner -- god he makes me feel like his princess!! I don't remember anyone ever telling me to go sit down and they'd finish up!! What a gift!! 

For all the "ghosts of Christmas past" who pop by here to read -- 
my Christmas wish for you is may you one day realize...............



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