Friday, December 01, 2017

The Holidays Begin

December 1st !!!  Welcome to The Journey the Christmas edition.  I have hung some decorations and attempted to bring a little holiday cheer to the blog.

Back in the day I used to participate in something called "Holidailies" where you pledged to write a blog entry every day from the 1st of December to January 2nd.   BUT it was a vanilla site - oh they had a section for Adult Only posts -- but truthfully after a couple of years I felt like I was supplying porn fodder for some creepy characters.  So I stopped.

I stopped my registered entries -- but I still tried to post something every day through Advent and the holidays.

I'm gonna take a stab at doing that again -- one post per day for the holidays.  

Christmas for me is the happiest holiday of the year!  I have such fond memories of family gatherings and singing Carols and going out at night driving around to see all the Christmas lights up in the neighbourhood. It was a magical time.

Sir Steve is not a Scrooge -- Hallelujah!! -- and despite it being 5 years since he got the Christmas spirit -- we're working on it this year!

It's gonna be an amazing holiday season!!!


  1. It looks lovely over here, I am in the Christmas mood now!
    love Jan, xx

  2. Love your decorations. Still a little early for me to get into the Christmas mood.


  3. A christmas themed post everyday for the December month sounds like a good idea. Perhaps I shall steal and tweak that idea for my blog too :)

    looking forward to your daily festive posts now!


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