Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Peaceful Heart

On Boxing Day -- youngest daughter and I were 'debriefing' Christmas and I said that I was surprised that all the noise and people and stress hadn't gotten to me.... She agreed with me and asked innocently enough if I had taken a 'pill' to stay calm.  I laughed and said I had not taken anything !!  I was just that laid back!!

Then I think we kinda tested my calmness by packing up on the 28th and heading off to eldest daughter's home for a 'sleep over' with the lil one. (not that the eldest would test my calmness -- that came out wrong! -- but that these two days would mean I had been social and around people steadily for almost a week!!)

We all had an amazing time!!  There was much laughter and love and hugs ....... just the way it's supposed to be between families at the holidays (in my humble opinion) 

The lil one had such fun playing Barbies with her new Auntie -- and reading with her new Uncle.  She was so delighted with reading all the new books that she read to Willow (one of my eldest's dogs) 

We all had a delicious dinner with CANDLES (the lil one announced)

And after the lil one was in bed we adults played some board games -- such an old fashioned sort of Christmas ......  

We had a lazy breakfast the next morning -- and just after noon we left and drove the lil one to her mom's for the week.  (interesting side note on that -- but am saving that for another day's post - so I don't ruin the peaceful tone of this entry)

Now Sir Steve and I are tucked in for the next 3 days -- it's so bloody cold (still got the Polar Vortex swirling around with temps at -22) so our plans involve lots of binge TV watching -- lots of sex -- and maybe even some play....... 

AND that is a great way to end off the year ......... 

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  1. Cheers! So lovely that your Christmas time was slow and peaceful.
    Wishing you lots of warmth! Let's hope these insane temps pass soon!


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