Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I have never been ticklish -- EVER!  I prided myself on that fact.  Actually I found 'tickling' annoying or painful -- never a pleasant sensation.

Sir Steve tried a few times to tickle me and no reaction -- nothing!  

Then on Saturday night we were in bed playing ...... and I was totally relaxed and enjoying myself..... Sir Steve was biting me -- here there and everywhere -- he hit a spot around the pubic bone and I started to howl with laughter... and wiggle ... and finally was shrieking at him to stop before I wet the bed.  

We laughed about it and he went back to some fun torture mixed with some sensuality and I got cheeky about something....... Sir Steve stood up and I watched him walk to the end of the bed -- I had no idea what he was gonna do but will admit I was intrigued (he is after all a Sadist and play time with him is always an adventure)  I watched as he ripped the covers off the end of the bed and toss them up over my body..... and before I could second guess him -- he had grabbed my ankle with one hand - restraining it tightly -- and with the other he was tickling the bottom of my foot.  

OH MY GOD!!  I was twisting and turning and shrieking with laughter again (god only knows what the campgrounds were thinking! )  I could barely catch my breath and my tummy hurt.

After ..... long after .... we were snuggled together whispering to each other when it hit me..... I have never relaxed or trusted anyone enough to feel tickling -- I always had one lil bit of control that I would not relinquish.  I whispered to Sir Steve my epiphany and immediately filled up with tears...... the level of trust I have with him -- the total surrender of all my walls -- is scary stuff to deal with....... to understand -- to grasp. Sir Steve knows how difficult this whole control thing is for me -- how wounded my heart has been -- and he whispered in my ear that he loved me and he would never hurt me....... and I slipped into a sound sleep feeling safe in his arms.

And that is a very good thing !!  

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  1. OH yay! That was so so amazing. THank you for sharing. Isn't it lovely to realise something - especially something good - when we weren't gunning for it in the first place!


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