Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Yesterday I spent the entire day in my new apartment....... feeling so overwhelmed by the dirt -- the kitchen floor was so dirty it took 3 washings before the water was clean!
The painting isn't quite finished -- there are no doors on the bedrooms they are leaning against the walls in the living room -- there are painting supplies on the counters in the kitchen and in the kitchen sink.  

OH and the windows were disgusting -- I don't know if they have ever seen a bucket of hot soapy water!  

Thursday -- ready or not -- my furniture arrives at the apartment.  I keep telling myself it'll all work out.  I also keep telling myself - 3 moves in 4 years I should be a pro at this....... 

Truth is I am far from being a pro....... the boxes, the mess, the disorganization is driving me to distraction! 

I do have a BIG bottle of wine waiting for me at the trailer come Friday night -- and big strong arms to snuggle into........This is most definitely my LAST move....

(though I'm pretty sure I said that 2 years ago............. )


  1. This may sound trite but it is always our last move until it isn't.

    And this is one move you deserve!!!

  2. There was a time i moved 3 times in 5 years and it wasnt pleasant. I moved apartments. I'm think you're moving houses. So i canNOT imagine how tough it must be! As for the kitchen floor - on my last move i eventually gave up and took the position that EVENTUALLY i'd get all the dirt. I just needed to move in first!


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