Wednesday, June 07, 2017


I had begun to think that I was gonna grow gills after all this rainy weather!!  As we went to bed last night I said to Sir Steve -- if I don't see the sun shining through the window tomorrow morning I may just do bodily injury to someone....... (grinning)

Lo and behold the sun IS up this morning - now if we could manage some heat to accompany that sun life would be very good.

Sir Steve started the painting and renos at my new place yesterday.  God bless him -- it took all day -- and I do mean ALL day just to paint all the trim and ceilings.. we both love the old trim in the house (don't love the ceilings so much -- but the trim is gorgeous) ... except for the fact that the trim takes forever to paint.  

Life is falling into a comfortable routine -- even Miss Ashes is settling in.... though she now believes it is her house -- her kingdom -- and god help the poor dog.  Miss Ashes is busy bossing her around.... funny to watch -- a 50 pound black lab wanting so badly to play with lil 8 pound Missy who will have nothing to do with it.  Co-existence is coming .. compromises are being made (like Ashes' food can't be left down or the dog 'hoovers' it up) .. Miss Ashes has her time to go outside and it does NOT correspond with the dog's time..... blending families really is a delicate art !!

Finally the sun is up -- the apartment is coming together -- and the families are blending nicely!  

AND that is a very good thing!

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