Tuesday, June 06, 2017


I always -- ALWAYS - make lists... lists of jobs to do .... lists of things to buy ... grocery lists.... packing lists... lists and more lists.  

AND because of my lists I feel I have some control over my busy life -- and my wonky memory.  

I have not been making lists for our weekend trips to the campground.  Sir Steve seems very laid back about what goes and doesn't seem to worry if stuff is forgotten.  I have been trying to adopt his attitude more.. fewer lists and less stressing.  and it has been working -- usually I bring way too much stuff -- stuff that never gets used -- and I have bought duplicates of things like shampoo and tooth paste and tooth brushes to stay at the trailer which means less to pack each weekend.  And we have been muddling along and so far only needed one quick trip to town to buy milk 

Until this weekend.

In all fairness I didn't expect to go up till Friday morning so I hadn't even thought about what had to be packed -- well except for the food.  So when Sir Steve sprung the "let's go up tonite" on me on Thursday it was a bit of a mad rush to get everything organised and packed into the cars.

When I got to the campsite I was unpacking the clothes -- I had underwear for Sir Steve, I had jeans for Sir Steve, I had socks and warm sweaters for Sir Steve -- but no tshirts.  Besides that we left the lawn mower at the house -- forgot the paper towels and the garbage bags, the birthday card for the party the lil one was going to on Saturday and milk.  Sir Steve had to make a trip back to the house on Friday........ and I decided I am going back to my lists on lists on lists!

Life is good when you make lists !

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