Monday, June 26, 2017


Ten years ago (give or take) a friend dragged me out to a play party with the promise of introducing me to the sexiest woman I had ever seen.  He was right she was pretty sexy looking - on the outside.  But (as I have mentioned here before) it was her husband (Sir Steve) I found sexy.  Her?? well I got a sense she was a bit egotistical... a bit entitled... a bit too sure of her sexiness.  Character flaws in my opinion.

See I don't look at the package and say 'sexy' --  I tend to look at the whole picture..... and prefer when the inner self is beautiful and sexy.

In January when Sir Steve came to visit  -- when we were gonna have sex for the very first time -- I was more than a little nervous about being naked in front of him for the first time -- the body is not what it used to be.  The funny thing was - Sir Steve said as he was stripping down - something about my seeing HIS body for the first time.  I looked at him.. and saw what I saw the very first time a very sexy man.

See his sexiness comes from inside and radiates outwards....... there's something about his inner self -- his confidence in who and what he is ... his grin (oh lordie he has the most wicked grin ever!!)... his laugh.... his soft touch when he strokes my skin ... the way he cocks his head and watches me when we are making love.. the way his eyes sparkle -- the way he hugs me and holds my hand -- the patience he has with me....his children....the animals.... his extended family...... all the people in his life -- how he matches me word for word when I am playing word games trying to get the better of him (haven't yet and honestly don't expect to ) -- how I'll catch him looking at me with this small little smile and know he loves me .......... 

All those things (and more) make him sexy -- very very sexy to me.  I want to touch him and kiss him and stroke him and lose myself in him.  I consider myself a very lucky woman to have found such a sexy man....... very lucky indeed!

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