Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Day

I arrived in Kingston yesterday around noon.  I didn't announce it for a couple of reasons -- mostly I am not big on goodbyes -- but I'll be perfectly truthful (and sound totally paranoid) I was worried W who lives only a few blocks from this place would show up here.......... I know I know - sounds totally paranoid -- but the sooner I am out of this city the better!

I did however contact my 'angel' and she came and spent the afternoon with me and we laughed and shared memories of the last two years .... and like always we solved the world's problems -- and she helped me pass a few hours of loneliness.   She said it was very fitting that she spent my second day in this apartment with me and was spending my second to last day in it with me too (she's good like that making me tear up !!)  I think of all the people I will miss from here -- I will miss her the most.  
Over the two years -  we had our moments -- some of them quite long moments -- but in my heart she will always be my 'angel' the one who held me up when I couldn't find my feet and held my hand when I took my first independent steps.

We'll stay in touch and she promises she will come down to visit me (after all her bed will be there waiting for her !)

BUT now my face is pointed east -- closer to family and around the corner from Sir Steve........... hope springs eternal ... this will be my "happy ever after" ending ................. 


  1. Congratulations on your new home. Wishing you all the very best settling in and making it your own.


  2. congrats on having a new place to call home! May you make great memories in it!

  3. Have fun settling into your new home and making it comfortable. Good you are now closer to Sir Steve.
    Hugs Lindy xx


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