Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Only 3 days.........

It's only been 3 days since I started unpacking the boxes.  I joke that there are 3000 boxes -- actually there are only 30 boxes to be unpacked and 6 big rubber maid containers that hold my Christmas decorations... they don't need to be unpacked and are stacked neatly on the shelves in the basement.

BUT still - 30 boxes to unpack.

I actually got the kitchen unpacked on Monday -- managed to sort out where everything could/would go in my new kitchen.  The house is quite old and the kitchen cupboards are HUGE -- and high.... so high I needed a step ladder to reach the top shelves.  Needless to say the things I rarely used went up there. 

The pantry like the cupboards is huge and high -- but it held everything -- including my bread machine, my huge silver chest and my red kitchen aide.  I will need a step ladder again to reach the serving platters high up on the top shelf -- but that's ok -- I don't expect to be throwing any big parties any time soon.

I have unpacked my bedroom and got most of everything sorted out in there.  That room was my biggest challenge -- much smaller than the master bedroom in the Kingston apartment.  BUT I got the necessities in with a wee bit of room to spare.. can we say it's 'cozy' ?  

And yesterday I got the spare room unpacked -- the printer found and hooked up -- my paper and art supplies safely sorted out in their baskets on the shelves. Also got most of the living room pulled together........ there's still pictures to hang and I haven't quite found my chinese village to display yet - but I am pretty sure it is in the last 'picture' box.  

OH and the cable/internet guy showed up and got my internet and tv up and running.

BUT as much as it sounds pulled together -- the bathroom isn't painted yet and is in pieces ....... and the kitchen has all Sir Steve's painting supplies.  The apartment feels a long way from pulled together yet..... oh and the washer and dryer have to be hooked up -- because I wasn't happy with the placement of them -- and purchased a washer dryer unit (on top of each other) .... it means poor Sir Steve has to find time to redirect the water supply.  (I do love making life complicated -- le sigh)

I keep reminding myself it's only been 3 days -- and it's coming together.... soon it will be my lil haven..... and I will have pictures to share with you.  For now I will keep trucking through the mess and organizing ......... soon it will be done -- soon.



  1. oh to have just 30 boxes... now I get the mover guys being a little taken aback... we have close to 200 NOT including the tupperware containers with xmas decorations - I WILL point out that HALF of those are Doug's BOOKS.... sigh

  2. Hang in there. A house will get sorted soon enough but a home's doing is never fully done. I just had some work done on my ceiling yesterday. Thats the beauty of it isn't it? It's constantly changing and moving along with its humans :)


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