Friday, June 30, 2017

First Visitors

Yesterday morning I was up and running early -- ran to the shops to pick up some milk and bagels and cream cheese for my brother's visit and cold cuts for lunch with eldest daughter on Sunday.... 

Sir Steve and the lil one showed up at my apartment early and Sir Steve pulled my bathroom back together -- put the door handles on -- put up the curtain rods and was hanging the last curtain (that I had to put up -- rest still on order) just as my brother and sister in law arrived.

They liked my lil home -- enjoyed the coffee and bagels -- and we all had a good visit.  They left a couple of hours later and we just vegged out -- with the lil one watching movies on Netflix.

The spinning plates are stablizing ........ and I am not nearly as frantic as I was........ though today I do have to shower and do laundry and make individual maple cheesecakes for the Canada celebrations at youngest daughter's tomorrow and get everything packed and organised for the campgrounds....... we leave this afternoon.

NOW if the sun would just come out it might be a good weekend...........

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  1. Happy birthday Canada. Hope u have a splendid weekend!


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