Thursday, June 29, 2017

Keeping the Plates Spinning

Yesterday I felt like I had all the plates in the air spinning and I was frantically trying to keep them from crashing down............ frantic day to put it mildly.

 On Saturday we are going to Montreal to the youngest daughter's for Canada Day -- and I promised to make individual cheesecakes - Canada 150 cheesecakes even!!

Then things got better as the day went along -- eldest daugher and partner are gonna 'pop in' on Sunday to see my lil home and then want to go to the campground and visit with Sir Steve and the lil one and see the trailer.  oh yeah and Sir Steve has a friend popping by the trailer on Sunday for a visit too..........

Then my brother called last evening and he and his wife are heading home after a holiday on the East coast and thought it would be GREAT if they stopped by the apartment TODAY for coffee and a visit.

Today Sir Steve has a day off work (thanks to the rain) and he plans on working on the finishing touches to the apartment -- putting the bathroom back together -- putting the door knobs on -- hanging curtain rods etc........ 

Just add more plates to the spinning mess..............I got this right?? (big sigh)

If you're looking for me in the next few days -- you'll find me in the middle of spinning plates hoping not to let any of them fall..............

in the fetal position in the corner  

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