Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Ravages of Moving

I'm pleased to report that I have emptied all the boxes (well except for the bathroom ones cause the bathroom is still not quite finished) and nothing got chipped or broken.  I was worried cause I did all my own packing.... a first.  But everything survived.

Well almost everything............ 

I tore one nail off -- almost off -- down to what my mother used to call 'the quick'.  Damn it hurt.  Everytime I would see my hands the one short nail really bothered me (god bless OCD).  So I took 5 minutes one day to file all my nails right down... short - shorter than they have been in years!

Yesterday I took a good long look at myself -- the ravages of moving!  I haven't had any time to pluck or mosturize -- primp or preen.  I haven't given myself a manicure or pedicure in weeks!  UGH I hated the way I looked. 

I took the first steps towards mending the ravages of moving by plucking and moisturizing and actually gave myself a manicure.  Today I hope to do a pedicure.  After all (despite the cool weather and rain) it is strappy sandal season and time to have my toes presentable.

Life is slowly coming together - piece by piece.  And that is a very good thing!

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