Monday, June 12, 2017

One last thing.......

Facebook has this feature "You have a memory".  For the last two years I have mostly ignored them because they were always filled with such sad memories - broken dreams and broken promises.

Facebook from time to time has videos they create from your photos and I have admired so many other friends' videos but never put mine up because again the memories broke my heart.

The other day I realized as long as those photos are under my facebook page they will keep cropping up.  I get more pics of W than of my grandchildren for god's sakes!  

I decided it was time to delete all those pictures of a time gone by.  I am not saying that those pictures were not of happy times cause they were.  BUT those happy times turned into such painful memories for me...... memories that made me physically and mentally sick.  Why was I hanging on to them??!!

It took me over 3 hours (dear facebook won't let you group pictures together and delete them all at once ohhhh no!  they have to be done one by one!!)  I persevered hitting delete over and over and over again.  At one point I realized my heart started to feel lighter ....... I was erasing the pain literally and it felt right.

Sometimes memories -- even of old flames -- can be saved and looked back upon fondly (hell I have pictures of my ex husband that I love!)  but some memories need to be removed permanently so the heart is free to grow and trust and love again.

AND that is a very good thing! 

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  1. Oh i purge regularly and i know how liberating that can be. Photos especially have a way of dragging you back to where you dont wanna go. Glad you got thry this painful exercise! Sounds like u came out better for it!


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