Friday, June 16, 2017

Different Attitude

The movers arrived at 9 am yesterday -- by 10:30ish the truck was loaded and we were on the road to Cornwall.

They left before me cause I had to do a 'walk through' with the superintendents -- god how I stressed over it !!  -- turns out it was not a big deal.  They said they knew how clean and tidy I kept my place -- but it was the rule to do a walk through -- so they did it and they signed off and I signed off on the old place.  The door was locked and I turned and walked out of the building without a backward glance.

I arrived here around 12:30ish and the truck arrived about an hour later.  Everyone had teased me about my 'colour coding' my boxes.  I had bought different coloured tapes...... so all the boxes for the living room had a blue stripe of tape across it -- green for the kitchen -- etc. etc.  The guys told me as they were unloading how much easier it made it for them.  They didn't have to read the writing -- just clump all same coloured boxes together and then plunk them in the appropriate rooms.  They claimed it saved them time and headaches.  YAY for my OCD!

They finished up -- and actually came in under budget / estimate.  $300 under!!!  YAY again!

Once they had gone I pulled my bedroom together -- made the bed and put things where I wanted them (for now).  I set up the front balcony with my wicker furniture and Samurai -- and even put my new garden flag into the garden.

Then I just sat on the sofa in the living room and organised where things would go -- and organised it all again.

Then I closed up the house and came to Sir Steve's.

Today I am not rushing off to the new place to unpack or organise - or do anything.  I decided I needed a couple of days off.  This move has really knocked the stuffing out of me!!  Today I am doing laundry and planning meals for the weekend at the campground and just vegging.  That's a far cry from 2 years ago when I was stressing over unpacking every box -- putting every knick knack in place -- and placing every piece of furniture in the right spot immediately!

Nope this time I have all the time in the world to upack -- the weekend looms ahead of me -- wine and campfires and sweet sweet loving is all that is on my agenda.  Monday is soon enough to start tackling the boxes and the organization.

Life is good when you have finally come home!


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