Friday, June 02, 2017

Long Weekend

Yesterday was a frustrating..... anxiety induced..... disillusioning day.  (BUT I am not gonna discuss that now) 

And because today is a PA day and the lil one doesn't have any school, Sir Steve decided we would pack up and come to the campgrounds for the weekend last night. I have not been making my lists and I should have known it was gonna bite me in the ass one of these weekends AND this was the weekend (BUT I am not gonna discuss that now either)

What did happen was when we got to the campsite I asked Sir Steve if I could have a glass of wine - and with his ok I did just that -- before I made dinner - which was a small mistake as I do not normally drink -- and get 'tipsy' very easily.

To make sure we actually ate dinner before sunrise Sir Steve pitched in with the cooking and we had a great meal of tacos!!!

Then I had a glass of Bailey's 

Then I accidentally spilled my Bailey's on my computer.

Then I went to bed 

This morning the computer is working I have no headache -- it's cloudy and cold here - BUT it's a good day nevertheless....... 

Life is good even when you get a little drunk and make a mess

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