Tuesday, March 29, 2016


When I moved here to Kingston - I only had W.  It was kinda scary to be honest.  I left behind a huge community of friends ........... and of course my family.

But I discovered friendship here ..... and it didn't take long.  AND when the times got tough those friends rallied around me and held me up and helped me find my feet .. my strength.. and my life.  

BUT there is one friend........ Angel ........ who holds a very special place in my heart.  She was the quiet one who heard the pain behind the words "I'm fine thanks" .. She's the one who came the day after I moved - and in all that heat - on her holidays - motivated me to unpack - to organise - to claim this apartment as mine - as MY HOME.
And she didn't leave when it was done.  She stayed ......... and become my mentor in this thing called life .. she has slapped me upside the head - delicately - when I needed it.  She has been my guide through this dating process.  She has been my safe call both literally and figuratively.  

It's really weird this friendship......... how it started ............. 

About 4 years ago I got an email message off The Journey that basically asked if I would mentor her.  Usually I don't pay much attention to those sorts of messages - usually I politely decline and forget about it.  BUT this time I sent back a rather snarky message that said " define mentor for me" ........... And from that first email .. first seed .. a deep abiding friendship has grown.

She comes here every day and reads what I write.  And sometimes my written words  come out easier than talking.......... 

I love Angel like a sister - NO - probably more than a sister.  You have been my rock and my guide - my confessor - my strength - my voice of reason.  I know what a big step you have taken Angel ....... and I am thinking it probably is a bit scary - but please know - please HEAR me - I am here - day or night - let me be your rock this time.. let me help anyway I can.  That's what friends do for each other........... so let me do for you now.. Let me be strong for you..  look beside you that's where I am  !!



  1. You know more about me than just about anyone else in my life. The best frenzied moment I had was sending that email, oh mentor of mine.

    And now you made me tear up, so I'm heading to the shower to wash those away and get ready for my day.


  2. @Angelsquest - I didn't want to make you cry - just wanted to say what's in my heart - I love you! and am here for you! AND on a really bright note - I'll hold your hand on Saturday and check to make sure they are level (cheeky grin)

  3. So you haven't pulled back your marriage proposal? (sass factor still intack)

  4. love that sass factor!!) and no I haven't withdrawn my marriage proposal - it's always on the table - I CAN be very patient when I need to be (cheeky grin)


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