Friday, March 11, 2016


Years ago I went to a workshop on caning.  As it would happen the 'demo dolly' didn't show up and some good "friends" volunteered me to take her place.  

Before the demo - canes scared me badly - they just plain hurt and for some reason it was a hurt I couldn't get on top of.  So yeah I was really nervous doing this demo.  But - as is supposed to happen when you take courses - I learned something.  Caning could be good hurt!!

It's been years since that workshop - and no one has been able to take me to "that place" since with a cane.

Then I met The Sadist.  And He loves canes.  In fact he loves them so much that he broke 3 (I believe it was) on my ass................ 

So when I got the cane back - I "gifted" it to him.  

He came to visit me yesterday....... and of course the cane was used - well used!!  

I can testify that in the right hands the cane is a beautiful instrument of amazing pain! 

(note - for a larger view of the pics - just click on the thumb nail pic)

And  the stripes it leaves - that the Sadist leaves - make me smile.

And The Sadist whispered "I'm pleased I could help make the cane yours again"  

I wear his stripes proudly.


The Sadist asked me to post day after picks of the stripes -  I did warn him I don't do "selfies" and trying to take a selfie of welts is even harder.. the quality isn't the best - but I do follow orders :)


  1. Ooh, ouch, you are braver than me!! Glad you had fun though
    love Jan,xx

  2. Thank you English Rose - for the comments and for not being "scared off"

  3. Don't laugh, but he has been back and had another go. Not sure my definition of a Dom is the same as his....
    love Jan,xx

  4. OMG Jan I can't believe it!!! I will understand if you wish to stop commenting - though by now he'll have bookmarked your blog -

  5. How does that saying go? Living well is the best revenge.


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