Monday, March 21, 2016

OOOOOOPs!! (and Q&A)

On Saturday I posted that my clit jewelry had fallen apart and that Angel was going with me to a friend's piercing studio to get it fixed.

Blackstar told me that he would put it back together - but no promises it would hold.  He told me not to twist it ... but HEY!!  that's the fun of a clit piercing ya know??!!  We talked about the possibility of replacing it with a simple ring - thicker gauge - bigger ball.... and tentatively made an appointment to go back in two weeks to have it done.

I have had the gauge on this jewelry changed once... what an experience!!  I won't say it hurt as much as being pierced - but ya know there is a "je ne sais quoi" about having a bigger ring forced through a small hole....... I just keep telling myself the masochist in me will handle it just fine ........... 

My shy Angel surprised me!  When the jewelry was fixed I wanted a pic to show you all ....... and I asked Angel if she would do it.  She didn't even bat an eyelash.   In fact she squatted down between my spread legs and really got into the picture taking!!!

Here's the one pic I selected to show you all it's fixed and working just fine thank you very much !!


 Fast forward to Sunday........ 

We will NOT discuss how or why - but the jewelry came apart again (see my sad face?)

So the decision of whether to change out the bondage ball for a new thicker ring has been made... an email sent to Blackstar - and the date set for Saturday April 2nd....... with Angel at my side and  camera ready!!


Now for Q&A 

I only had one question from yesterday (I think I am pouting)...

kaya asked:
it's not Japan but have you ever considered visiting Houston? :D

I know you'd said that your daughters have your blog url. What's that been like? Any negatives? Has it changed how or what you will blog about?

What kind of music do you listen to in your car? While playing? While cleaning? 

 kaya is teasing me about thinking about going to Houston..... ya see we've already been talking about my going down for a visit - hell we even got the EVIL Master's permission to have "the brat" show up ........ so yeah kaya I am considering it - when you have cleared your calendar - thinking maybe late August or sooner?? 

And I am thinking the statement about my daughters having the url to The Journey might shock some of you.  BUT let's remember here both my daughters are grown up Adults - and both are in the lifestyle to one extent or another.  

As far as how that affects my writing here.. at first it was difficult to be as open as I usually am - but then I just kinda shut down that part of my brain that is "Mom" .  Youngest daughter (as far as I know) never comes here.  Eldest daughter drops by every so often - to check up on me and make sure everything's moving along well.  (cause ya know - sometimes "Mom" doesn't tell her daughter what she's actually doing !!) The relationship has changed drastically between my daughters and myself since I moved out on my own.  In January when I was down visiting youngest - I brought up the fact that I was "dating" .  She said quite bluntly I might add " just fuck 'em Mom have fun - you don't have to set any example for your daughters anymore!!" (I guess I did something right with the girls)

And as for changing what I post or don't - HELL I just posted pics of my clit jewelry so no it doesn't!! (grinning) 

As for music - despite being retired I still crave the peace and quiet so I seldom have any music on.... except in the car when I am driving

OR (cheeky grin) 

when The Sadist comes to visit it helps drown out the rhythmical sounds of floggers and paddles and canes........... 
Mostly I prefer blues/jazz. 

Oh and Hil - I didn't miss your question - but am gonna answer it tomorrow - I am sure this "stream" of  questions is gonna peter out pretty darn quick and I want something to answer tomorrow....... :)

Remember you can leave your questions in the comments box from now till the end of the month.  and yes you can post your question "anonymously"


  1. My first vag pic. Well, that didn't belong to me :)

    I suppose you'll be wanting to post the nipple piercings of mine once we go back?

  2. Not an answer question question, but a begging question - if you do go down to visit kaya, please please pretty please with bells on, post the pics of your visit? Not just the pervy ones (if there are any), but the touristy and friendship ones as well. Please?

    p.s. glad you complained about the gym. Shocked that it's not the same there - and really hope that you manage to get sorted out soon.

  3. SugarSack2:49 pm

    hi there .. long time lurker :)

    thank you for your blog... I know you are just posting your life and experience and your opinion .. but it really helps to read about a mature woman doing this lifestyle... I'm 50 ish and after years of research and "play" i am with my first real life Dom and I still love learning about how others do it and what they like and how it works for them.. so thank you !!


  4. Here's some questions -
    What's your favourite time of the year?
    What's your favourite book and movie?
    Are you a breakfast eater, and if so, what's your favourite breakfast.


  5. Yes! August works fine, but it's going to be HOT AS BALLS, so, you know, come naked. Even July would be okay. Or... shit, whenever you want!

    I know i owe you a reply on Fet, but I've only been popping on there for a few seconds. I haven't forgotten!

    I love your daughter's advice to you. Smart girl. ;)


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