Sunday, March 13, 2016

Older Ladies

I have had a weird sort of week - more than once there have been comments made about getting older - being more mature etc.  

Funny thing is - my body may be aging but in my head I am still 30 something (ok ok sometimes 5 - grinning at Daddy Dom) 

Found this video on Facebook and it just seemed appropriate for this morning's blog entry!!!


  1. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Fantastic song & video and appropriate for you new journey! So happy to see how far you've come...


  2. Very amusing. I generally don't think about my age except that last time I looked I was thirty! and now I am not:(
    love Jan,xx

  3. So giggling now, that was a great video. Thank you. I'm 'only '49 but was feeling a lot older due to my impending grandmotherhood!


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