Friday, March 25, 2016

Holiday Weekend and Q & A

 I am off today westward bound - to go to a munch and spend the night with friends.  Then Sunday I am eastward bound to Montreal to celebrate Easter with the kids ( see my happy smile?)  in between times I will pop in here to post a little this or a little that:)
I missed a couple of Q&A's .... and as I truthfully have nothing rolling around in my head (well nothing I am ready or willing to share) I am just gonna answer the questions today.
Anonymous said...
Why did you split with W?
 It's a bit strange but when I read this question I thought I have pages and pages about the break up........ but when I went to look all I read were my feelings - how lost I felt - how dead inside I was - how confused ............ and I surprised myself that I hadn't really aired the dirty laundry that I had taken the high road (again)  ..... cause it was pretty dirty and nasty ..... the only entry I could find that comes close to describing it is this: 
My Story

And I have to say - yesterday when I was researching the answer to this - it felt like I was ripping the scab off a wound.  So I won't be doing this again - Q&A or not. 
keth said...
okay, here's one for you. If you had the chance to go and live anywhere in the world, where would you go? Money no object. I want to know the kind of place you would live, not just where - i.e. a villa in Italy, or a black and white timber-framed house in England. I'd also like to know how you would live - i.e. what would you take with you, who would you take with you (apart from Miss Ashes, that's just a given). :) 

(damn the formatting is screwed up - no left alignment for some reason - ahh well)
Ok money no object - 

I would move to an island - somewhere where it's warm and never snows ....  I would live in something this..........

I would also have one very similar for play only... and others for visiting guests.. 
I would take mini me of course... and maybe a couple of nice Doms to serve and play with.. and I would take my toy bag........

OH and I would make sure there was another building to hold the gym.. (rolling eyes) filled with my "monsters" or machines and a treadmill - cause ya know - I still have goals to reach - and then maintain!!

And everyone would be welcome to come visit :)


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