Thursday, March 31, 2016


ok - honestly I didn't expect to be back so soon!!  HONEST!!!

It's just I got thinking yesterday about something Angel and I have talked about - getting older - and I had said "I should blog about that".  So here I am - already!

 Ok - so a few weeks ago Angel and I were at an educational thingy and one of the folks said that they were trying to squeeze as much as they can into every day cause they are getting older........... (like there is some magic number when it all just ends abruptly!)

I went "mmmmmmmmmmmm" because I am a good 10 years older........ how to make me feel old with one sentence!!!

I used to struggle with 'growing older' and feeling sorry I hadn't lived my life differently - been more adventuresome ... been more of a rebel...... thrown caution to the wind 

I remember doing a bit of a rant on Fetlife a few years back after someone made mention of my old age.  I ranted that one day - god willing - that person would be exactly where I was and I sure hoped people would be kinder to her about her advanced age.

I have had play partners mention my age ........ not all that delicately either.  

I have NO intention of giving in to a number - cause ya know what - basically that's all it is -- a NUMBER!

For those of you who are new here - I have had two different bouts with cancer going back 7 years (in fact I go for my bi-yearly scan in May) and if I learned nothing from that - I learned no one can know how many numbers they will get to chalk up on the great calendar of life.

I made a very conscious decision 10 months ago to whip this body into shape.  So I lost all that weight and go to the gym every day - I even face the "monster weight machines" because I am NOT going out without a damn fight.  

And because of the health issues - I get thorough check ups regularly and even the doctor says my health is getting better - my body stronger - as I age.

I have always said "I suffer from the 'Peter  Pan' complex" - I am NEVER growing up!! 
Hell I got my first tattoo at the age of 50 - and the other two over a 6 year period.  I was pierced 10 years ago.  I never thought I was too old to do it..... I just did it!

It's all in your attitude.  IF you think you are old - then trust me baby - you are going to be OLD.  IF you think young - then you will BE young.

I may have grey hair
I may have wrinkles
I may have scars
I may not be able to kneel for hours at someone's feet
but none of that is going to stop me!

I want 'em all asking "what is she up to now?!"   

or better yet........... 


oh and before I forget - IF I actually do run out of words I'll post a "meme" thingy I collect just to fill the space for the day or two........... cause it's pretty obvious to me - I am far from running out of words (grinning)  


  1. Good for you. I am also growing old disgracefully. Approaching a big -0 birthday in May and feel younger and fitter than I have ever been. Think it does take a health scare to give you a kick up the bum and change your attitude to life.

    Look forward to seeing more from you as your grow old disgracefully also.
    Hugs Lindy

  2. Love this post..I am 'in your age bracket"...maybe a little more can moan and groan, sit and worry...or you can enjoy every moment. We are both getting better...
    hugs abby

  3. Anonymous8:11 am

    Good for you! And glad to see you back. I was hoping you were not going to disappear. I find your blog very motivating.

  4. Feeling old is just a state of mind. About ten years ago I felt very old, now, having retired from work I feel about 20 years younger.
    I just don't intend to, I am growing old disgracefully. And if there are no words it just means it is time to go out and enjoy the Spring weather!

  5. Downunder Dom - hey you - haven't seen you around here for a long time - your comment made me smile we should make a group "growing old disgracefully" and you HAVE to be over 50 to join - whadda ya think?? (cheeky grin)

  6. I swear I actually feel about 10-15 years younger than the years on my driving licence. It always takes me aback when I look at it - you're absolutely right, its just a number. You GO - you're my inspiration!


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