Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Sentiments AND Q&A


I was surprised to find 2 Questions in my comment section!!  Thank you Jan and Anonymous :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
How did you manage to retire so young? Is this normal in Canada?
I wish I could say good planning - but it really wasn't.  

First I taught in Quebec in an english school under the English School Board.  About 8 years ago I started to see the handwriting on the wall - the english schools were going to go French.  And I just didn't feel I was fluent enough.  As I worked mostly with special needs children AND I had my own opinion on what French only was going to do to MY kids - I started thinking about getting out.  I went to a couple of workshops on retirement -  crunched some numbers and realized retiring early I was only going to lose about $30 a month from my pensions.  

Then of course Warren was moving to Kingston - so all the stars aligned and I decided to take an early retirement.  

And no I don't think it is "normal" in Canada - though a lot of folks (especially teachers) hope and pray they can retire early.   

An English Rose said...
My question is where is somewhere you would really like to visit?

That's an easy one - I have always - ALWAYS - wanted to visit Japan. I have been obsessed by the oriental culture since I was in my 20's I guess.  I have imported as much of the culture as I can into my new home.  I even have a geisha tattooed on my right ankle ....... all of that is probably as close as I will ever come to actually getting to Japan :)  maybe if I hadn't taken early retirement?? (grinning) 

Thanks for the questions - I loved it!!  
Anyone else got some questions for me??   Just leave them in the comment box and i will answer them the next day.  Remember for the shy folks - you can leave your comment anonymously -- you do not have to use your google account :)


  1. Sooo... it's not Japan but have you ever considered visiting Houston? :D

    I know you'd said that your daughters have your blog url. What's that been like? Any negatives? Has it changed how or what you will blog about?

    What kind of music do you listen to in your car? While playing? While cleaning?

  2. LOL ohhhhhhhhhh how did I you would show up??? LOL

    tomorrow - answers - gonna take me that long to think up some.... LOL

  3. I love your clit piercing, i would really like something similar (I only have my nipples done at the moment), so my question is - would you have more piercings or another tattoo and if so what and where?

  4. Great that you could retire, I am too and my hubby is about too. I don't think we will make it to Japan either!!
    love Jan, xx


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