Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bouncing Ball and Q&A

This is one of my bouncing ball posts - just little bits of stuff rambling around ........

**Had my monthly "mental health" check yesterday - some appointments are better than others... yesterday I got a lesson in graphs (grinning) and a lecture on eating (yes Angel even she gave me a lecture and threatened to report me to the doc - sighing) She always seems to tell me the same thing - 1) everything takes time - reprogramming a brain can take longer 2) believe in myself / be gentle with myself  / EAT

** went to the gym after cause I am NOT gonna let the "monsters" beat me.. and the assistant manager was there "Chris" and I asked him for some help moving a seat on one of the machines which he did - but then he took my routine paper out of my hand and studied it - then kinda stomped his foot and then added 3 more machines PLUS free weights to my routine - BUT told me I was to do one set of machines one week and the other set PLUS the free weights the next week. Then he followed me around and corrected my body posture on the machines and kinda bossed me around - then told me he was ex-Army and that explained everything - he's such a drill Sargent (grinning)

** I came home and cleaned the house and did laundry and finally felt more settled than I have for a while now :)  which is a VERY good thing


Now ready for today's Q&A ???

Hil first cause I made her wait (grinning) 

Hil said:
I love your clit piercing, i would really like something similar (I only have my nipples done at the moment), so my question is - would you have more piercings or another tattoo and if so what and where?
When I was at the piercing studio Hil waiting for my turn - I was going through his catalogue of pictures of piercings and god I was SO tempted to have my labia done.. but the healing time is 6 weeks and I am not going to give up 6 weeks of fun ........I am greedy that way :)

I have been thinking of another tattoo cause that i can put somewhere that won't delay play time .......... probably on my wrist .......... but haven't decided what I would get .. 

Anonymous keth said...
Not an answer question question, but a begging question - if you do go down to visit kaya, please please pretty please with bells on, post the pics of your visit? Not just the pervy ones (if there are any), but the touristy and friendship ones as well. Please?

grinning  you don't need to beg keth - I most definitely will be bringing my camera with me no way I would leave it at home........ I'll post as many pictures as I can - I promise :)

ronnie said...Here's some questions -
What's your favourite time of the year?
What's your favourite book and movie?
Are you a breakfast eater, and if so, what's your favourite breakfast

Summer hands down is my favourite time of the year - I love the heat !!!  and the sun .. and swimming in some special friends' pool..... and all the activities that go on around here during the summer months :) AND I take so many more pictures during the summer  AND I intend to wear more dresses this summer and flash some leg ... yeah definitely summer !!

Favourite book and Movie are the same - Memoirs of a Geisha  

phewww you had to bring up food eh ronnie?? :) breakfast is usually a glass of juice and a cup of coffee........I used to really love pancakes and sausages.......or a bagel with cheese (but Quebec bagels and I can't get them here)  but both of those are kinda off my eating plan now :)  

Remember everyone leave your questions in the comment box - and yes you can use anonymous :)  I am enjoying the Q&A this year :)   Thanks to everyone who has left me questions :)


  1. Have I ever mentioned I like your therapist?

  2. @Angelsquest - yeah once or twice - but I knew yesterday's warning would bring out a new like/respect for her... :)

  3. Hi Morningstar, I enjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha a good film. Summer my favourite time of the year as well. Sorry about the food question:) Thanks for answering.


  4. YAY!!!! thank youuuuu! :D

    And another one who likes Memoirs of a Geisha, both book and film. The film was gorgeous though. sumptuously gorgeous. :)

    okay, here's one for you. If you had the chance to go and live anywhere in the world, where would you go? Money no object. I want to know the kind of place you would live, not just where - i.e. a villa in Italy, or a black and white timber-framed house in England. I'd also like to know how you would live - i.e. what would you take with you, who would you take with you (apart from Miss Ashes, that's just a given). :)



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