Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Troubling Tuesday

Well yesterday was my "blue day" - the weather even matched my mood - cloudy overcast skies and a chill to the air. 

But that didn't stop me from curling up in my secret garden and reading..... loosing myself for a few hours in the world of fiction (I have finished 50 Shades and happily moved on) 

Just after lunch time the doorbell rang.  No one ever rings my bell - well except for Jehovah's Witnesses ...... I almost ignored it - but something made me unwind my legs and go answer the door.

Standing there was this whistling chap holding an amazing splash of colour  called azaleas.   Once inside I tore open the card - Oh I knew who they were from - but W almost never sends a card.  I figured the card would have one word on it "Breathe" ..... but no - it said "This isn't blue and you shouldn't be either".  I stood there smiling and crying and thinking "THAT MAN!!!  What am I gonna do with HIM!!"  and I knew what I was gonna do - the same thing I have been doing for years now - LOVE HIM.

And so the sadness lifted a little - and I know - thanks to all the wonderful people who left me inspired comments - and to this man who sends bright pink flowers on a blue day - that this next year will be a time indeed of goodbyes - but all those goodbyes are just paving the road for all my new tomorrows - filled with adventure.


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  1. Ordalie1:29 am

    Morningstar, have you seen that cartoon?


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