Tuesday, July 10, 2012


that's Frustration with a capital "F"............. 

For the past month or so I have had no functional battery in my netbook - which was ok - I used the power source.  However - the whole point of having a netbook is to be able to use it WITHOUT a power source.  So yesterday I went to the nearest Geek store and ordered a new battery. It will be here in 10 days.

Then last night my netbook wouldn't connect to the internet.  W told me about this DNS malware thingy.  I nearly died.  I flew upstairs to check out my pc.  It was working fine and did NOT have the malware.  But (stupid me) figured I had no way to check out the netbook - no internet and all that.

This morning I called my ISP provider .......... something I dread more than root canal work.  And was pleasantly surprised.  First they had me bring the netbook upstairs to my office and connect the Ethernet cable (DUH!) and check to see if I had the DNS malware (I don't) Then we worked together to give them access to the netbook - I love when someone comes in through the 'back door' and plays with me ...... ahh i mean ....my pc......... 

After a couple of hours of messing around - they told me that I need to take the netbook to the Geek squad.  And I am to tell them to update the wireless adapter.  Now why I can't do that online is beyond me......... though they did seem to try it and it didn't appear to work.

I love my computers - more than I should probably - and when they don't work !!  I am like a bear with a thorn in my paw........... (can we all say "grumpy"?? very very grumpy)

So I am off to the Geek squad........ and will have to rely on my old klunker of a pc (over 10 years old and still limping along - have I jinxed it now???) to surf and update everyone.......... 

If that blows I will have to pick up my Kobo and read my books electronically - do you see a trend going on here??? one day I might just land up having to find some pens and paper ........... and hard cover books again....................

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  1. "...I love when someone comes in through the 'back door'..." Now there is a lovely idea ☺


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