Monday, July 30, 2012

Use me Abuse Me

Saturday as I told you - we had plans to go off to Oubliette.  The steaks and potatoe salad were packed in the cooler and we were out the door around 2:30.  I was a little ambivalent about the whole idea - as I told you........ but hey - nothing ventured nothing gained right????

The dress code for Oubliette - unlike most of the party events in town - is pretty much left up to the individual.  There is absolutely no pressure to wear latex or rubber - or any other form of fetwear.  I wore a little black dress (W loves when I wear dresses and I really should buy more of them) I had in mind - to add a little zest to my outfit - to add the tack bra........ but being the good subbie I am, I asked W if it would amuse him or please him if I wore the tack bra.  He got *such* a look in his eye that I knew immediately what the answer was.............. 

For those of you who haven't stumbled across a "tack" bra on line - or on my blog - a few years back kaya - over on "Under his Hand" posted directions and pictures of her tack bra....... and well - me being me - I wanted one too! I made it and have worn it from time to time to amuse and please............. 

normal looking bra - from the outside - right??

pure evil on the inside

Saturday was no exception - by the time word got around that I needed lots and lots of "big hugs" everyone was either peering down my dress (and bra) or giving me bear hugs.  The secret is - hugs hurt - but they don't really do any damage - and the hurt truthfully isn't THAT bad - just kinda makes me wince - then I readjust the bra - pulling the pointy tips out of the skin and continue on.  Truth be told - the points don't even break the skin with a bear hug.

Miss M who is now classifying herself as "Sadist" (which always made me smile - notice the use of past tense !!) decided after a number of hugs and a couple of hand squeezes - to be more ........ shall we say "enthusiastic".  She grabbed both breasts and squeezed and twisted and squeezed some more.  Miss M very nearly brought me to my knees......  Her ministrations actually broke skin.......................... 

Then Miss M and Lady B decided that the whole area had to be cleaned immediately with alcohol to disinfect the affected area....... can I say "double OUCH"?

And the fun had begun!

A short while latter W cuffed me to a tree and and my whining about not having had a good session in 'foreverrrrrrr' was attended to.  Between wooden paddles and leather straps and whips galore my ass was tenderized.

Somehow or other I managed to barbeque up our steaks and serve W his dinner without burning the steaks or dumping the potatoe salad in someone's lap.  

W and I spent some nice quality time talking with a relatively new sub about BDSM - specifically whips and floggers and paddles oh my !!  She is so cute - she watches W beat me - but covers her eyes and peaks through her fingers - BUT  - she claims to "LOVE" watching us play !!

An hour or so after dinner - W cuffed me up to the tree again and brought out the whips and had another go at my ass.  He commented a couple of times (in amazement) that he was pretty sure I would have a mark or two the next day.  My mind barely registered his comments....... I was too busy fussing over my fairies and the bug lamp.  They were dancing all around the light and every so often I would hear 'ZAP ZAP ZAP' and I was sure my dear fairies were being fried.  

But we all survived and when W dumped me into a garden chair - my fairies danced around my head like a sparkling wreath of fire flies .......... and all was right with the world.

small post script:  I did have a couple of marks on my ass on Sunday - the camera didn't do them all justice - but here's one shot of one welt that does show I earned my stripes on Saturday 

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  1. That bra looks evil .... but I want one! lol


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