Monday, July 02, 2012

Weekend Shaninigans

Truthfully I didn't need to worry so much about what to wear to the party on Saturday night.  For the most part - the folks who are into fetish wear - wear fetish wear - everyone else seem to dress like it is Halloween........there were still one or two fem Dommes who checked me out - and fortunately for everyone - didn't critique my outfit.... 

I decided to take swan's excellent (as usual) suggestion
"Seems to me this might be an opportunity to get creative and have some fun -- something, bright, flirty, floaty, naughty?" and mixed it with W's suggestion of a black neglige  thingy.

I found a 100% lace, black short dress with long flowing sleeves - which is supposed to be worn with a full black slip underneath - I skipped the slip and wore a black bra and sexy lacy panty/thong things............ and then for fun threw a black feather boa around my neck a couple of times.... and said a little prayer I wouldn't melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in the heat.......
AND it was hot............ really hot in the building.  Outside it was comfortable - but inside - packed in with 130+ hot sweaty bodies it was miserable.  

We arrived around 9ish and already there were bodies milling around - some even playing.  We did a quick tour - saying our "hellos" and made our way right out the back of the building to sit in the garden with the mosquitoes.  W and I talked about the house hunting trip this week.......... and enjoyed the cool breezes. 

After a while we both decided to take another tour inside and see if there was any play space available.  The few spots that would work for us were being used and the other spots were crowded with gossipers and stand and modelers.  I knew then there would be no play on Saturday evening.  W and I wondered back outside to the coolness of the garden...... with the other refugees from the heat.  We chatted the evening away. 

I couldn't help but think it was a waste of money........ it became more of a "munch" for us - visiting with folks and talking.. sharing.. hardly any BDSM talk ....... just chatter amongst friends.  The only difference is - at a munch - I would wear something comfortable - and cool - and get a meal as well as good conversation for the same price - maybe even a little cheaper. 

After 3 hours or so at the party - we collected our toy bag and went home to air conditioning and bed.


Sunday we had plans for Canada Day... and not the usual Canada Day Parade and crowds of people - and Canadian flags - and finally late at night fireworks. 

No this Canada Day we had been invited to Canadian Citizenship Party!!  A (sort of) family member of W's married an Australian and he was being sworn in as a full fledged Canadian Citizen on Sunday. 

So off we went proudly to see him sworn in.  It was the first time either W or I had been present at a formal swearing in ceremony.  And I have to admit I got all teary eyed over it.  It made me proud to be Canadian. 

After the ceremony we were invited back for a barbeque......... and the weekend ended with W and I sitting in the backyard with good friends and more mosquitoes........

It was a good weekend - all in all.......... and as for the spanking i missed on Saturday evening..... hopefully we will bring a couple of toys with us on our house hunting expedition this week........... and in the privacy of our hotel room - with a/c and no crowds of people....... my ass will finally get the work out it has been missing .............


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  1. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Your lacy racy outfit sounds exquisite! Sorry your play party had no room for play....

    Congratulations to W's sorta relative for his citizenship.



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